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3 Problems That Can Affect Your Car's AC System

A road trip during the summer months would not be enjoyable without access to an automotive air conditioning system. Your car's AC system helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your car. When the AC suddenly stops working, driving in the summer can become a dreaded task.

Become familiar with the problems that might affect your car's AC system so that you can invest in timely repairs that will keep the AC system working right over time.

1. Refrigerant Leak

One of the most common issues that can affect an automotive AC system is a refrigerant leak. Modern vehicles rely on liquid refrigerant to help create the cool air that is circulated throughout the cabin while the AC system is turned on.

This liquid refrigerant moves throughout the AC system via a series of plastic tubes. Should these tubes deteriorate or sustain any serious damage, a refrigerant leak will occur. Low refrigerant levels make it impossible for your car's AC system to keep you cool.

An experienced mechanic will need to flush the remaining refrigerant, locate and repair the leak, then refill your AC system with refrigerant before cool comfort can be restored to your car's cabin.

2. Bad Blower

Another problem that can affect your car's AC system is a bad blower motor. Once the liquid refrigerant helps to generate cool air, the blower is responsible for pushing this cool air through the vents and into your vehicle's cabin.

When the blower motor goes bad, no air is moved. You can typically identify a bad blower by a lack of air coming from your car's vents when you turn the AC system on.

Your mechanic can replace the blower motor to restore proper air circulation.

3. Faulty Blend Door

Modern vehicles rely on the same equipment to produce both hot and cold air. Temperature is regulated by a part known as a blend door.

The blend door acts as a physical barrier that helps your vehicle's HVAC system switch off between hot and cold air production. If you are met with hot air when you engage your vehicle's AC system, the issue is most likely a faulty blend door.

A mechanic can repair or replace the blend door so that it properly restricts the flow of either hot or cold air on command. When the blend door is working correctly, you will be able to keep your cabin interior cool and comfortable.

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